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I’ll tell you whats wrong with society. No one drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore.



Today my sister asked me for a glass of cold water and i sarcastically asked her “how cold” and she said “as frigid as your love life”

Am I the only one who doesn’t ship Caroline with Stefan or Enzo and who thinks that the fact Enzo killed an innocent girl because Caroline was crying is not cool… Damon 2.0 in S6 no thanks! Am I the only one who thinks that Stefan has every right to hate Enzo? I loved Enzo… but I find his attitude towards Stefan really absurd! Am I the only one who thinks that Stefan has also every right to be fed up with everyone in the scooby gang. Everyone is in his/her bubble of existential despair or fake happiness. FINALLY I recognized my Caroline <3 when she talked to him, not calling him a jerk or a dick and expressing her real feelings and crying for him and for her in font of elena 2.0. She was so cute <3. But Stefan doesn’t feel the same. He wants to be alone and be left alone in his bubble as everyone else. Is it so terrible what Stefan did in 6x03?! Am I the only one who finds Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett the only ones COHERENT in everything they do in TVD? Reading comments against him is sad. I must be blind because of the love I feel for him! Actually Elena 2.0 is the only one that doesn’t want anything from him now and he likes being with her because with her he feels resetted too!!! It’s really a FUNNY Stelena development! Ooooh **


Did people understand what is Defan for both Stefan and Damon in this show? #Defan <3





I hate it when you really need to talk to a friend about something important because you feel like your world is crashing down on you but they act like you don’t exist until their problems occur.


i wanna wear cute outfits with tons of lace and pretty things but i also wanna be really hardcore and wear a ton of black but mostly i just wear the same pants every day

Anonymous said:
I think Caroline wanted to be there for Stefan. We didnt hear her earlier messages- the fact is Stefan ran away and didnt let her be there for him. Like yeah I get it, he needs his own space, which I agree with but you cant say no one was there for him cause CAROLINE has been, since forever. & he was the only one of the group to leave and do his suffering w/o caring about anyone else. Caroline just wanted to hold the group together. I mean he could be drinking in a corner, and that would b betta


Caroline has been there for him. I wasn’t trying to say she wasn’t. I just believe that he needed to do what he needed to do, and Caroline shaming him for it for his way of coping wasn’t okay with me. He did listen to that one message and he ended up breaking his phone. He does care about them, at least about Caroline. Hell, he was the only one who looked up ways to bring back Bonnie as well, aside from Caroline. You have to understand that he looked at every lead he found and came up empty handed each time. It’d be understandable for him to give up. Meanwhile, no one else has been looking at ways to bring them back except for Enzo, and Caroline’s busy trying to make her hometown a danger-zone again (but I won’t get into that right now).

And I didn’t look at it with Caroline wanting to be there for Stefan. I looked at it like Caroline wanted Stefan to be there for her. Not once did she even ask how he was doing. The entire time she was there, she was making snide remarks about what he was “supposed” to be doing, even going so far as to bring up how he used to date Elena with his girlfriend (R.I.P. Ivy) sitting right next o her.

I understand how what he did could be considered a dick move from Caroline’s perspective. I’ve looked at it from both sides and come to the conclusion that even if Caroline was upset, she didn’t have the right to go into his home and make him feel guilty for moving on with his life—something he has actually been trying to do since season 4, but he ended up always being pulled back in. God forbid that Stefan Salvatore actually be happy for once.

And really, what does he owe any of them? Yes, he’s besties with Caroline, but anything she’s done for him, he’s more than repaid her. He doesn’t owe Elena or Enzo shit. Tyler was never his problem to begin with. Jeremy and Matt are safely away in Mystic Falls where no vampire can get them. And the two people he actually does give a shit about still are stuck on the Other Side, and it looks like the only people who has the power to do anything about it is Bonnie and Damon themselves.

All Mystic Falls has done is bring this boy misery. Being around them is a constant reminder of how much pain he’s been through. Anyone with a sane mind would want to get the hell away from that, anyone would go numb towards these people eventually, so why is Stefan being hated on for it?

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God, why don’t people leave Stefan the fuck alone????? Why is it always Stefan’s responsibility to babysit and look after everyone in Mystic Falls?? Stefan is not their parent! He can have his own life and his own identity too. Mystic Falls DOES NOT DEFINE HIM. I’m sick of people bitching about…